Labour International Netherlands Branch Launch Event

19 mei 2018, om 19:00, De Meevaart, Balistraat 48a, Amsterdam | De Meevaart, Balistraat 48a, Amsterdam

British and living in the Netherlands? Interested in the current state of British and European politics? Join Labour International Netherlands Branch at 19.00 on Saturday 19th May De Meevaart, Balistraat 48a, Amsterdam

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The Netherlands branch of Labour International is holding an event to mark the official recognition of our branch within the Party. We will be holding an interesting evening of discussion and debate, where a selection of international speakers will touch on a number of relevant topics including; the current path of Labour and other Social Democratic parties in Europe, the future of European cooperation in light of Brexit, particularly between Socialist sister parties, how the LI Netherlands branch can make a positive political impact both in the UK and the Netherlands, and a whole lot more.

Our speakers will include a spokesperson from the Labour Campaign for Free Movement, leading figures from Labour International including our CLP co-chair Colin O’Driscoll and Steve Hudson, Chairman of Labour Germany, as well as our friends at the PvdA. There will also be time for discussion and an opportunity for everyone to put their points of view across. There will of course be time for a few drinks afterwards and get to know one another better.

This event is not only open to Labour members and those who vote Labour, but also to our friends in the wider British community in the Netherlands, members of our sister socialist parties, trade unionists, and anybody else who is interested in European politics and how we can come together to agitate for a fairer and more socially inclusive society.

The Netherlands branch of Labour International was established at the beginning of 2018, after a group of Labour members living in the Netherlands, who had been meeting informally for some time, took it upon themselves to get more involved in their party and make a real positive impact both in their adopted country of the Netherlands and back home in the UK. We are part of the Labour International CLP, which has more than 3000 members in over 60 countries. By its very nature LI is internationally minded, typically in favour of European and global cooperation and a just international order based on democratic and egalitarian global values. We aim to use our broad international knowledge and links for the direct benefit of the UK Labour Party.

Our Amsterdam member of the European Parliamant Paul Tang will join the meeting!